Why do More People File for Divorce in January?


It’s the holiday season and a time for joy.  Or, so the story goes.  If that’s the truth, it leaves a question.  Why do more people file for divorce in January?

According to one news article, some have dubbed the first Monday after Christmas as “Divorce Monday.”  The reason?  It seems that it’s the day more and more people decide it’s time to end their marriage.  Statistically, one third more divorces are filed in the beginning of the year, starting with January.

The issue might perplex you.  Or, perhaps it’s something you can relate to in your own relationship.  There is just so much that holiday cheer can mask that doesn’t infringe on your happiness.  Some hopeless folks make divorce as a number one priority on their resolutions list.

Divorce in the New Year

Are New Year’s resolutions the only reason that more people divorce in January?  Not at all.  There are other schools of thought.  The holidays are actually a contributor.  The stress of preparation, as well as financial considerations, can be overwhelming. 

Then, there’s the feeling of emptiness.  Not everyone is actually joyful during the time they spend with family members.  It may feel that love is lost or never existed.  Some may even come across gifts intended for someone outside the marriage.  Infidelity can be cited as a reason for divorce.

Those that stay together for the children?  They may decide to give it a go with one last holiday celebration.  And then realize they need to move on to preserve their integrity.

In some high-income marriages, holiday bonuses may be an issue.  A divorcing spouse may find it strategic to wait and ensure that the extra monies are included in income calculations for spousal and child support.

Some couples choose to divorce in January with concerns about their tax exemptions.  They should speak to an experienced family law attorney and their tax advisor to determine if filing early in the year has advantages.

Will those seeking divorce stay alone?  It depends.  But, according to some dating site statistics, there is a sixty percent leap in new members signing on after December 25.  Perhaps some of the new daters are ending marriages.

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