How Cheaters Get Caught By Their Spouses


Without a doubt, technology has changed the playing field. Some suspicious husbands and wives employ private detectives to seemingly catch their significant others up to no good. However, a great many take on the task themselves. It might interest you how cheaters ultimately get caught by their spouses.

Meanwhile, there’s something you should know. It’s absolutely true that infidelity can be named as a reason for filing for a divorce. However, it doesn’t matter when it comes down to equitable distribution of assets and debts. Unfaithful partners are simply not punished for their misdeeds. (Although some might argue that they would have preferred the proverbial “having their cake and eating it, too.”)

Additionally, there’s something else to consider when husbands and wives attempt to monitor cheating spouses. New Jersey has strict laws when it comes to domestic violence, which includes stalking as defined by NJSA 2C:12-10.  And yes, the courts have found that installing a GPS tracking device on your partner’s car – may fall into this category.

In many cases, technology has created a temptation for those who might not have explored options outside their marriage. First, there are those who connect with old and new “friends” on social media. However, some are bold enough to use dating websites – some actually devoted to promoting extramarital affairs.  (A few years ago, the news reported that a list from one of these sites had become searchable.)

Infidelity Revealed

Communication has changed drastically. More and more American families have opted out on home phones. Therefore, the risk of picking up a phone extension and overhearing conversations has lessened drastically.

Instead, people resort to text messages – including private messages on sites like Facebook and Instagram. They might assume that they are covered with a quick delete of incriminating conversations.

That said, nothing is ever so easy. Consider the case of one man who could not figure out how his wife was seemingly parroting his “sexting” with another woman.  It made no sense to him as he was quick to get rid of the implicating documentation.

Long story short and it turns out that the distrustful spouse merely charged up an old smartphone. She was able to watch the conversations as they unfolded before her. Naturally, an exchange of emails would come up with similar results.

In the meantime, iPhones and Androids catch cheaters in other ways as well. One woman figured it was enough to delete the directions to the address where she rendezvoused with her lover. To her horror, her cell phone became accustomed to the weekly meetings – and actually came up with a reminder directing her to the location!

Catching a cheating spouse is not only about installing trackers. Sometimes the information inadvertently comes by way of a “well-intentioned friend.”  It can also be as simple as being spotted out despite the attempts to hide indiscretions.

Once again, infidelity is cause for divorce. However, some couples do go for counseling and attempt to work things out. In the end, the solvency of the marriage depends on many factors. When trust is lost, it’s hard to recover.

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