High net worth divorces can have added complications


High net worth couples often have a portfolio of sophisticated assets, sometimes including businesses and other income producing assets.  Consequently, both the value of these assets and how the income they may have yielded contributed to the life style of the parties must be evaluated.  In these instances, experts should be retained to appraise and value these assets and income producing resources.  Among these experts a forensic accountant should be retained.  A forensic accountant can value a business, the net worth of a host of assets and quantify the parties’ life style for the sake of establishing an alimony award.  What can make this analysis complicated is if an income producing asset is distributed, then the income of that asset follows the asset and that income from that asset impacts an alimony award.   While it’s difficult, a goal is to avoid double dipping so a party who divests their interest in an income producing asset, doesn’t still pay alimony from the income of that asset they no longer have.  If your New Jersey divorce attorney has a degree in accounting, vetting through this complicated ordeal can potentially be much less intimidating.