Plain and Not So Simple: Imputing Income for Support

Sam Stoia - Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Believe this. The court would almost certainly prefer avoiding the need for imputing income. ( However, sometimes it represents an inevitable task. After all, New Jersey law doesn’t allow for an arbitrary number when it comes to support payments. It may be that you just lost your job. Quite frankly, it could be that you simply have  ..

What the Court Needs to Know When Granting a Restraining Order

Sam Stoia - Friday, April 26, 2019
Each and every year, New Jersey courts decided whether temporary restraining orders should become final. In the meantime, it’s not just about proving predicate acts of domestic violence. Nor, is it solely about showing a prior history of abuse. ( Indeed, there’s more that the court needs to know when granting a restra ..

50 Things You'll Want to Know about Divorce in NJ

Sam Stoia - Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Sometimes you just need a quick answer. Wherever you are in the divorce process, you likely have some questions. This list of fifty represents no substitute for legal advice. If you’re considering a NJ divorce or need to pursue a post-judgment action, you should really speak with an experienced family law attorney ( What do we mean by a post-judgment action? As you go through life after ..

Did this Husband’s Business Have Value as a Premarital Asset?

Sam Stoia - Monday, April 22, 2019
As a business owner going through a divorce (, it’s likely something you dread. After all, you put your heart and soul into establishing your company. In some cases, the possibility exists that you started your business before you even met or married your spouse. A recent case explores the concept of determining the value of a business as a premarital asset. The New Jersey Appellat ..

Your Children's College Expenses as a Legal Issue

Sam Stoia - Tuesday, April 09, 2019
Around this time of year, there’s a great deal of excitement in many households. After all, it’s the time that acceptance letters come in and decisions must be made. You may know this first hand when it comes to your own child’s college expenses ( In fact, it may represent a legal issue to you. Some parents ..

What Does Overnight Parenting Time Have To Do With Child Support?

Sam Stoia - Friday, April 05, 2019
In New Jersey, a great deal goes into determining child support obligations ( No doubt it’s much more than deciding affordability and the child’s needs. Overnight parenting time factors in as well. The New Jersey Rules of Court, specifically Rule 5:6A ( provide an introduction to the use of Child Support Guideli ..