Marital Settlement Agreements: What You Need to Know

Sam Stoia - Thursday, November 30, 2017
Without question, one of the toughest life experiences is ending a marriage. The divorce process ( itself is often the source of great stress. In fact, you may enter into a marital settlement agreement (MSA) to speed up the process. Notwithstanding, you should ensure you know what you are signing before agreeing to anything. Truth be told, divorce settlements are strongly encouraged.  ..

When It Looks Like a History of Domestic Violence Exists

Sam Stoia - Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Victims of domestic violence are often unpredictable. There are those that seek out a restraining order at the slightest verbal provocation. Meanwhile, an amazing number of domestic violence victims wait it out. You might be surprised at how often an application for protective relief involves a history of domestic violence. According to statistics accumulated by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, (htt ..